Warehousing services include

  • High-quality covered storage of agri, biomass, mineral and other commodities in multifunctional
    onshore and offshore storage terminals
  • Outdoor storage at the Hartel terminal
  • Planning, administration, inventory control, weighing, and temperature and moisture monitoring of
    stored products

Warehouse Storage capacity Storage compartments Expected readiness
Marcor Bulk storage vessel 40,000 CBM 7 holds Installed
3rd Party push barges (minimum capacity) 60,000 CBM 2,500-6,400 CBM barge Installed
Hartel Terminal – Quay Warehouse 160,000 CBM 9 units in development Q4 2023 – Q1 2024
Hartel Terminal – 28,800 SQM Warehouse 150,000 CBM +- 20 untis Q3 2023 – Q4
Total covered storage capacity 410,000 CBM
Hartel Terminal 21,000 SQM Outdoor Storage Under review

Locations that support this service