Marcor has for more than 5 years been handling and storing biomass for the energy and industrial sector, often in palletized form. 

Our skilled workforce is trained to discharge biomass shipments safely at a high discharge speed without compromising the quality of these goods, for which commodity-specific operating protocols are adopted and followed. The discharge from seagoing vessel into receiving vessel or floating storage is conducted with a single grab manipulation, benefiting the cargoes of our customers by avoiding breakage, dust generation or cargo loss. A new quay-connected warehouse at the Hartel terminal is also developed with this efficient single grab manipulation principle in mind. In our new warehouse we can directly discharge biomass with grabs into the warehouse gently through a unique sliding roof system.     

For the portion of cargoes which are stored, either in pushbarge, our storage vessel or at the Hartel terminal, we ventilate the goods regularly and monitor the temperature of the goods continuously.

Beyond our stevedoring and warehousing services, we have assisted our customers with the handling and reconditioning of bulk shipments. An example thereof is our capability to add magnets to our weighing tower to remove foreign objects from cargoes when arriving off-spec.  Marcor supports customers for a variety of Biomass cargoes and other bulk cargoes related to the renewable energy markets.  

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