Industrial Minerals

Marcor serves many customers with the transshipment of mineral goods finding their ways in many industrial applications throughout the world. We serve multiple shipping lines and customers in Rotterdam at multiple locations, either at the Marcor Bulk Vessel, customer berths, at the public buoys and since 2023 at our new Hartel Terminal.

Besides the transshipment from or to bulk carriers, we have a long track record of handling complex parcel shipments carrying a multitude of bulk parcels and Jumbo Bags.

Through our new Hartel Terminal we are extending our services with the addition of storage in bulk and Jumbo Bags. Due to the strong ground bearing pressure of the terminal and the strong construction of our storage facilities, goods can be stored at an impressive 15-25 metric ton per square meter. At the Hartel Terminal, hubs can be created for our customers. Inbound and outbound handling of vessels, trains, trucks and containers can all be facilitated.

Additional logistic and terminal services will be offered on request.

Such additional services could for example be (re)bagging, blending and sieving. Our team looks forward to discuss and review your needs to establish how we can facilitate your business requirements.

Locations that support this commodity